Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all engraving processes the same?
A: No, laser and diamond scribe engraving are quite different and there are other imprinting processes as well. Each process has it's own set of requirements that must be met in order to produce a quality product.

Q: Can I use my existing artwork for engraving purposes?
A: Yes, electronic files can be sent to us for engraving; however, not all electronic files are suitable for engraving. Many times additional work is necessary to translate the file into a usable format.

Q: Our logo was created on a Mac. Can it be used for engraving?
A: Yes, provided it is in .eps vector format.

Q: Our logo is compressed. Do I need to unzip it before sending it?
A: No, we will unzip it when it arrives.

Q: Our logo is embedded in a PowerPoint or Word document. Can you use it?
A: Yes, but it is much better to extract it and save it in one of the preferred formats. Be aware that PowerPoint has vector capabilities and you can lose quality if you choose the wrong format.

Q: Why can't you copy our logo from our web site and use it for engraving?
A: The engraving process is very precise and art on a web site is not. The logo on your web site is saved in a pixel format, which will not work at all for some types of engraving, and it is intentionally saved in the poorest quality possible to reduce the download time.

Q: We have a multi-color logo; will it be suitable for laser engraving?
A: Engraving is a two-color process, a background color and engraved color. If your logo has more than one color, modifications will be necessary for it to engrave well. We can explain the steps necessary and provide proofs prior to engraving the actual piece. You can view some of the samples on our site to see how others have dealt with this situation.

Q: If I see a logo on your site, does that mean that you will engrave it on the item that I purchase?
A: No, we will not engrave logos without permission from the organization or individual that holds the rights to the logo. Imprinted merchandise is shown for illustration purposes only, and does not imply endorsement by, association with, or availability for sale to anyone other than the owner of the designs, logos, and/or trademarks.