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Recognition Frames

Our framed awards have been used to recognize politicians, powerful entrepeneaurs, and professional athletes. Choose one of the elegant designs intended for use in a corporate environment or the bold graphics used in an athletic frame. Whatever the occasion, we have a frame option that will meet your needs. Be sure to see the selection of jersey frames. No one does them better!


When a special tribute to an individual, a team, or an organization is needed, plaques have been the go-to item for decades. Technology has transformed the traditional plaque and now there are seemingly endless options available. You can include pictures along with the relevant information to create an item the recipient will treasure for a lifetime. From the economical to the prestigious, we have a proven history of being the industry leader in helping recognize those who have excelled. Our experienced craftsmen take great pride in creating memorabilia that captures a special moment in time. Let us help you capture a memory.


For the most valuable player, championship team, corporate achiever, or golfer, there are a host of items to choose from. Select one of the traditional designs available or let us design an award truly unique for you. For nearly half a century, All American Specialties has provided customized trophies for schools across the Peach State. Our design team has the experience to create a concept that will honor a winner and establish a tradition. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Glass and Crystal

Crystal and glass are the materials of choice when quality and perception are of the utmost importance. Crystal awards have been a staple in the industry for years and have recently been gaining popularity. Crystal is lead-free and optically clear while glass provides an opportunity to use some unique molding techniques and incorporate tinting and color. Use these awards to recognize corporate achievement, dedicated service, personal milestones, academic achievement, and even performance on the golf course. You're sure to make an impact when you choose crystal or glass.


Acrylic awards can be used to recognize almost any achievement. With hundreds of shapes and sizes available, acrylic may be the most versatile material in the industry. Many designs are offered with a hint of color and some incorporate other materials to create a wide variety of products from which to choose.


Informative and inspirational, signs are everywhere. Design and production consistency are important to maintaining a clean and organized appearance. Our team can help develop design standards and we adhere to strict manufacturing standards to ensure product consistency. From room identification to record boards, we are sure to have on option for you.

Apparel and Spirit-Wear

Embroidered logos add a touch of professionalism to business attire, screen printing does the same for staff apparel, and everyone wants spirit-wear. We can help you with the design, production, and delivery of all of these. There are online fundraising opportunities available that eliminate the burden of order entry. We'll handle everything for you.


Personalization makes every gift more special. There are some very unique options available and with your sentiment added, your sure to bring a tear. Let someone know you care. Not just today but each time they see your gift they will be reminded of how you feel. These gifts last a lifetime.

Select items based on how you will use them.

Having trouble deciding? Click here and see if this helps. We have put some items together in groups based on our experience. An item that a teacher might find useful will be in a different group than an item a coach would use. Browse around and see if this helps you choose.

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